Grape variety
Controlled appellation The appellation occupies 323 hectares and produces a wine universally known by its seducing name. A large part of their production is exported. This wine has been classified in 1946.
Local soil Clayey and siliceous soils (sandstone and granite gravel) style will depend on the area of more corpulent or more fruity as appropriate) production.
Wine-making Traditional. Manual harvest and maceration in temperature-controlled vats for about ten days before a careful aging in stainless steel tanks for 10 months.
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Character and style With a well-developed character, it is a wine of pleasure, with a certain elegance and a significant length. The nose is developed with all the freshness of red berries (blackcurrant, black cherry) and floral notes (peony) accompanying a bright purple dress. On the palate the wine is soft natural freshness elegance dominates but still a key slightly vanilla which surrounds a tender and ample flesh. The fruit is fully respected.
Ageing and service To drink young or to keep 5 years. Temperature of service : 13-14°C

Red meats, roasted poultry and game birds after a few years are recommended.
Do not overlook a good gratin crayfish, a sausage cooked or simply grilled. We will not forget a little chicken couscous or a good slice of ham with parsley.