Beaujolais Villages

Beaujolais Villages
Grape variety
Controlled appellation This Appellation has been grown in one of the 39 villages of the appellation located in the south of the Burgundy just against the wines of Macônnais.
Local soil Granite origin of the soils. It includes rolling hills of schist and granite based soils with some limestone
The climate of Beaujolais is semi-continental with some temperate influences
Wine-making Traditional. Manual harvest picking. Following by the winemaking technique of semi-carbonic maceration. Whole grape clusters are put in stainless steel tanks in order to obtain a fruity wine without much tannin. Fermentation during 12 days before pressing.

Maturation in stainless vats for 9 months.

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Character and style The dark ruby colour is brilliant. The pleasant nose expresses the red fruits: (raspberry, strawberry and sherry). On the palate the wine is very pleasant and fleshy. Pure fruits, freshness, full, all the elements for obtain a real pleasure on the palate. The very pleasant taste is accompanied by a real personality. A bottle of immediate pleasure appreciated by anybody.
Ageing and service To drink young. Temperature of service: 12-13°C.

Our Beaujolais Village is doing well with light fare, like picnics and salads. It pair well with poultry and all roasted red and white meats, all delicatessen and the cheeses (not too strong) will be welcome with success