Savigny-lès-Beaune “Aux Petits Liards”

Aux Petits Liards
Grape variety
Pinot Noir
Local soil Mainly clay and limestone, the soil is worked with great care.
Wine-making Manual harvest-picking. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard and then in the domain on special selection tables. A punching of the cap is done daily and constant temperature control allows the expression of fruit and the future balance of the wine. Fermentation in open vats done about 3 weeks before pressing (pneumatic).

Maturation in oak barrels at 100% including 20% new oak barrels (from France) and the balance in oaks of one year for 16 months.

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Character and style Its colour is a bright brilliant red with black tints. The nose is characterized by aromas of blackberry, cherry kirsch and wild nuances. The palate is lively and accurate with the introduction of the fruit and the soil. On the palate the wine is round, rich and expressive of a beautiful pinot-noir. The sherry and the blackcurrant complete and confirm its personality with a small final delicately spiced final. It is a well-balanced and accessible wine for anybody but with a real character.
Ageing and service To keep 7-10 years. Temperature of service: 15°C

Savigny-Les-Beaune is perfect on a roast lamb, a lamb, but all red or white meats. (Guinea fowl with cabbage, duck fillets) It accepts some games, food in sauces after 7 or 8 years.