Petit Chablis

Petit Chablis
Grape variety
Petit Chablis
Controlled appellation Geographically isolated from the other vineyards in Burgundy; this area possesses a singularity, which comes from the typicity of its ground and its geographical localisation. Chablis produces famous white wines well known in the whole world. The Petit Chablis is always a wine of pleasure and for being appreciated young
Local soil The continental climate, hot in summer and very cold in winter, with sometimes some severe frosts in spring as well as the Marilee and calcareous sedimentary ground, allows producing a nice Chardonnay.
Wine-making Traditional. Controlled temperatures of the musts. Racking of the musts. Alcoholic & malolactic fermentation and ageing systematically did in stainless vats.

Maturation in stainless steel vats for 8 months

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Character and style With its limpid and brilliant golden colour, Petit Chablis is a wine of pleasure. The floral nose is expressive with its notes of citrus fruits and lime. Fine and characterized by its liveliness, we can appreciate its mineral character that gives a well-balanced style.
Ageing and service This Petit Chablis is recommended to accompany all the shells and fish. It is, of course, a pleasant excellent for all. It will successfully accompany a slice of bread with some goat or a terrine of fish, a marinated salmon some roasted prawn or schrimps.