Bourgogne aligoté

Bourgogne aligoté
Grape variety
Controlled appellation Regional Appellation of Bourgogne, our Bourgogne Aligoté is a selection of grapes produced in a very interesting area or the limestone soil, particularly, produce a finer and more mineral Aligoté compared to some other traditional terroirs.
Local soil Mainly made up of chalky soils.
Wine-making Mechanical grape harvest. Wine making under controlled temperatures. Pneumatic press is used and the musts settling in stainless vats.

Maturation in stainless tanks for 9 months in our fresh cellars.

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Character and style This Bourgogne Aligoté proposes a pretty fine nose, it surprises with its pleasant and perfumed aromas (white flowers, lemony freshness, white peach). In the mouth one is seduced by an unusual elegance for the appellation. Delicacy, nice balance and good length are the basis of this charming wine.
Ageing and service To drink young. Temperature of service: 13-14°C

Appetizer of choice wine, Bourgogne Aligoté goes perfectly with grilled fish, meats and of course savours as well with goat cheese. This is one of the few wines to accompany salads, tabbouleh or steamed vegetables. Burgundy is commonly used with parsley ham, the ``Gougères”cheese puffs`` (Gougères) or, of course snails. Bourgogne Aligoté accompanied (with a fair dosage) of Crème de cassis is the famous “Kir”. The agreement is sublime only if these two products are combined Bourguignon. (Liveliness and sweetness of blackcurrant)